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Philosophy and values


older Oberflächentechnik strives for a common understanding of values and high standards of conduct with our customers, suppliers and employees. This involves more than the compliance with laws and regulations, furthermore, morally and ethically sound behaviour during the cooperation and exceeding this period.

Our business practices are in full compliance with the requirements of our society and the interest of our society at any given time. Resulting from this responsibility, Holder obtains the principles of the business. All processes in our company are based upon the consideration of the environment and sustainable handling of natural resources.

Furthermore, the reliability is in the focus of our activities. All actions are aligned with the full satisfaction of our customers, i.e. the best processes possible. Honesty and trust features our business philosophie. Minutes and documentations are correct at any time and deliberately evaluated, confidential information are handled discreetly and with prudence – during and after our business relationship.

The cooperation within our company is at all time driven by professionalism, fairness and respect. Holder does not tolerate any kind of discrimination of colleagues and employees on grounds of skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or national origin.

Your demands are our challenge


older Oberflächentechnik has been synonymous with pioneering technologies for many years. Owing to outstanding internal development activities and the close cooperation with several research institutes, research and development at Holder is constantly leading to new innovations and product improvements. Our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality and contemporary solutions to problems at any time. Our highly qualified employees are facing rising demands in high technology markets like automotive or aerospace industry with expertise and many years of experience.

For our customers we provide fully automated plant technology for all procedures and ensure a consistent, precise and high production quality. During all stages of an assignment, starting with the first consultation to the perfect logistic handling, we meet the demands and requirements of our customers. You can rely on high production capacity and delivery readiness, even when you are facing difficult timelines.

Use the opportunities resulting of a fruitful cooperation with one of the most innovative companies for surface technology.