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An established procedure


Zinc coating: process and advantages

Electrolytic galvanising with ensuing application of the passivation is the most commonly used and most cost-efficient procedure to gain a reliable corrossion protection for a range of indications.

Zinc layers with ensuing thin film passivation (DÜSP) or thick layer passivation (DISP) and, if necessary, sealing (TOPCOATS) are processed with latest state-of-the-art devices for rack and barrel plated goods in HOLDER Oberflächentechnik.

The fully automated systems ensure a absolutely constant and exactly repeatable galvanising quality – economically and for a careful conservation of natural resources.


  • economical procedure
  • high level of corrosion protection
  • bending capacity and flangeable
  • enhanced temperature resistance
  • high peel strength of passivation layers
  • appealing cosmetics
  • selective painting feasible
  • internal coating with inner-anode technique

Suitable materials:

  • steel
  • cast iron

Corrosion resistance:

according to DIN EN ISO 9227 – NSS

  • > 120 h without white rust
  • > 360 h without red rust

Curing – passivation:

  • rack: transparent, thick layer passivation
  • barrel: transparent, thick layer passivation

Curing – facultative:

  • sealing with or without slip additives
  • lubricant treatment
  • heat treatment for hydrogen de-embrittlement

Zero-chromium (VI) passivation:

  • Novatec 100 bis 130

Zero-chromium (VI) combined surfaces:

  • TRICOAT black
  • TRICOAT silver


  • ZinKlad 96
  • ZinKlad 250
  • MG/MGL (against contact corrosion with magnesium)
  • Gleitmo 605
  • Torque’n Tension

Produkt Novatec 100 ff

With the brand Novatec 100 ff you get a zero-chromeium (VI) passivation in a quality that meets or even overachieves all requirements in automotive and surface finish standards.

This corrosion protection system, developed by HOLDER, is temperature-resistant and in surroundings with high thermal loads, e.g. in the engine compartment or brake systems, the protective effect remains completely unaffected.

This corrosion protection system is eco-friendly and well approved. Novatec 100 ff meets die EU-Directives (free of CrVl) and RoHS.

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