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The electrochemical coating of aluminium

Highly abrasion and corrosion resistant


Anodizing (electrolytic anodic oxidation) is an electrochemical process that converts the surface of aluminium into aluminium oxide.

The resulting oxide layer is firmly bonded to the aluminium. The layered ceiling can be selected in the μm range.


Hard anodized coatings are also produced by anodic oxidation in special electrolytes. With the help of electric current, a hard ceramic aluminium oxide layer is formed on the workpiece surface. This layer consists mainly of amorphous у-aluminium oxide and layer thicknesses of up to 50 µm, depending on the alloy, can be generated.


  • The anodized aluminium layer protects the aluminium against tribological and chemical impacts
  • The hard-anodized layers protect against attrition and corrosion
Alloys: all aluminium alloys with few exceptions
Dimensions: from a few millimeters up to 1,300 mm length and 1,000 mm width
Coating thicknesses: 5 – 100 μm – measured on reference plates
Coating hardness: 450 to 500 HV (0.025) (depending on alloy) – measured on reference platelets
Contact point: forcibly necessary for current transmission and fixation
Compressing: hot compacting optional


  • Novatec 810
  • Novatec 850

Relevant criteria for anodizing and hard-anodizing

By means of different electrolytes, temperatures and modulated current densities, anodically produced oxide layers obtain extraordinary properties. Electrolytic anodic oxidation significantly increases hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Even selective coatings are technically feasible in mass production. However, only certain alloys can be coated depending on their alloy components.

The tribological and chemical properties of anodized surfaces can be further enhanced by appropriate post-treatment.

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