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Highly corrosion resistant


Zinc-nickel coating: process and advantages

The electro plated zinc-nickel alloy (12 to 15% nickel) is particularly successful in areas with the requirement of extremely high corrosion protection under high temperature loads.

Classic applications of parts with zinc-nickel-coatings are the engine compartment, chassis and the underbody area in automotive as well as offshore applications.

Parts subject to high temperature loads resist against starting base material corrosion in the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 for more than 1000 hours.

The post treatment with selected topcoats enables to substantially increase the corrosion resistance and the resistance against chemical substances.

Further information on zinc-nickel

  • Economical procedure
  • High long-term corrosion protection
  • Bending and flanging capability
  • Increased temperature resistance
  • High adhesive strength of the passivation layers
  • Plant engineering: Partial coating possible
  • Indoor anode technology
  • Attractive optics
  • Environmentally friendly

Suitable materials:

  • Steel
  • Iron cast

Corrosion resistance:

according to DIN EN ISO 9227 – NSS

  • 360 h without white rust
  • 720 h without red rust

After treatment passivations:

  • Rack: Transparent (thick film passivation and thin film passivation)
  • Drum: Transparent (thick film passivation and thin film passivation)

Optional post-treatment:

  • Sealing with and without slip additives
  • Lubricant treatment
  • Preservation of uncoated interior areas, e.g. pipes
  • Heat treatment for hydrogen de-embrittlement (annealing)

Chromium(VI)-free passivations:

  • Novatec 300 to 330

Chromium(VI)-free combination layers:

  • TRICOAT black
  • TRICOAT silver


  • ZinKlad 1000
  • ZinKlad 1000 B
  • Gleitmo 605
  • Torque’n Tension

Product Novatec 300 ff

Under the name Novatec 300 ff you receive a chrome(VI)-free galvanic zinc surface in a quality that meets or even overachieves all requirements in automotive and surface finish standards.

This corrosion protection system, developed by HOLDER, is temperature-resistant. The protective effect remains completely unaffected in surroundings with high thermal loads, e.g. in the engine compartment or in the brake systems.

The corrosion protection system is environmentally friendly. Novatec 300 ff complies with the EU directives CrVI-free and RoHS.

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