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Your leading partner in surface technology

As an innovator in surface technology, we offer far more than the usual services in the industry. Tailored to your individual requirements we develop the coating perfectly adapted to your components coating.

Whether corrosion-protective galvanic or chemical processes, aluminium treatment, industrial parts cleaning or decorative surface processes such as anodic oxidation and hard anodic oxidation – we are your partner for every challenge.

In addition, we offer all relevant upstream and downstream activities related to surface technology, such as assembly, assembly management, quality testing and packaging and logistics. The excellently connected location of our plants directly at the A8 enables particularly fast and cost-efficient machining of your parts.

Combined competence

In the area of surface treatment

Galvanic processes

Galvanic coatings have the aim to achieve requested surface properties. They are used as single or combined processes with the aid of electricity.

Chemical processes

Chemical processes are used if, for example, a particularly uniform coating and higher wear protection are required, or if a galvanic process is not possible. Optically very attractive coatings such as electroless nickel are also often used for machines in the visible range.

Aluminium treatment

The properties of aluminium surfaces can be specifically optimised by applying a conversion layer. In this process, the uneven oxide skin of the AL surface is removed and replaced by a defined thin and resistant conversion layer.

Technical cleanliness

Removal of oils and greases, cleaning of polar contamination (salts, emulsions), removal and solving of adhering particles are the main functions of industrial parts cleaning – often a requirement for further processing steps such as gluing, joining, welding.

Our services

Development partnership

As your development partner, we support you in the realisation of your individual tasks long before series production and develop the optimum processes on the basis of your prototypes or samples.

Project management

In cooperation with you, we not only determine the optimum coating for each component to create the required characteristics, but also take care of the upstream and downstream processes.

Surface coatings

The choice of the right coating is a decisive factor in determining which properties a component will possess in practical use over a longer period of time. Our technically oriented coatings also meet decorative requirements, especially for electroless nickel processes.

Quality Checks

For comprehensive quality testing, Holder operates test laboratories for friction coefficient measurement, coating thickness measurement, stress testing, materialography and hardness measurement. Radiation protection experts are also available for radiological measurements.


Our logistics department makes it possible to pick up your raw parts for coating on request and to deliver the finished coated goods back again. If required and necessary, also on public holidays or at specified times.

E-Mobility Solutions

With us as your development partner and coater, you are well prepared for this future-oriented topic. Holder is already certified as a supplier by the most important manufacturers. This gives you the assurance that your projects are also feasible in terms of surface technology.