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Our responsibility

Environmental protection and quality management

Cross-departmental risk analyses (FMEAs) are prepared even before series production begins. Our sophisticated quality management system and the use of the latest technologies for product and process monitoring contribute to the continuous improvement of our quality. This ensures the necessary safety and stability in production.

Furthermore, we acknowledge our shared responsibility for the preservation of natural living conditions. Our contribution to the preservation of our livelihoods is the responsible and efficient use of resources, the reusability of raw materials and the reduction of environmental impacts. Here, too, Holder Oberflächentechnik constantly invests in highly qualified personnel and in state-of-the-art exhaust air and waste water systems in order to meet our own requirements and our responsibility towards people and the environment in the long term.

Quality – Environment – Energy

Our guidelines


  • We want satisfied customers. We achieve this with products, products and services whose quality meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers.
  • We see the pursuit of zero-defect quality as an obligation for every individual – from the managing director to the trainee.
  • Our guidelines and processes are based on international standards, customer requirements, our knowledge and experience. Their knowledge and binding compliance are the basis for our quality.
  • Error avoidance has priority over error correction. For us, quality means doing things right from the start and continuously improving our processes. Process quality lowers costs and increases competitiveness.
  • Our external suppliers contribute significantly to the quality of our products and services. We therefore place the same high quality demands on them as we do on ourselves.
  • Internal and external audits serve to control the effectiveness of our quality management system and to identify improvement potentials.


  • Our goal is the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance. Compliance with all laws and regulations is a basic prerequisite for our actions. An open dialogue with interested parties and customers, authorities and the public is important to us.
  • Environmental protection affects all employees. We achieve a high degree of environmental awareness through training. Our external suppliers are integrated into our company environmental protection.
  • We act with foresight. Through preventive environmental protection, the entire production process, from raw material to finished product, takes place taking into account the environmental aspects identified. An existing emergency concept guarantees safe action in exceptional situations.
  • We take targeted measures to conserve resources, minimize emissions and avoid or recycle waste.
  • Internal and external audits serve to monitor the effectiveness of our environmental management system and to identify potential for improvement.


We ensure that our energy policy

  • is appropriate to the nature and extent of the organisation’s energy use and its impact thereon
  • contains an obligation to comply with legal and other requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our energy management system
  • provides a framework for the definition and evaluation of strategic and operational energy objectives
  • determines the scope and boundary of the energy management system
  • includes a commitment to ensure the availability of information and all resources necessary to achieve the strategic and operational objectives
  • is regularly reviewed and updated
  • includes a commitment to comply with all applicable requirements regarding their energy-related performance
  • is documented and implemented, maintained, and disclosed to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization
  • is accessible to all relevant groups of people

We use the formulated energy policy as a means to lead our company to improve its energy performance. Our company’s energy policy is an equal and consistent part of our overall corporate policy and strategy.