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Kirchheim Career Information Fair

Career information fair for pupils

On 16.02.2023, the annual Vocational Information Fair took place in the Kirchheim town hall. Almost 800 young people visited the fair on this day and thus had the chance to get first-hand information. More than 100 apprentices from the fields of technology, crafts, logistics, administration, IT professions, health, social work, sales, trade and hospitality provided information about their professions at the fair. The relevant grades of all schools from Kirchheim and the surrounding area were invited.

As a company for first-class surface technology, the exciting apprenticeship as a surface coater was presented. With our skilled workers and former trainees as the company’s figureheads, we were able to inspire some pupils to become surface coaters.

Are you also interested and do you want to learn an exciting profession?

Then apply now!

Vacancies for surface coater apprenticeships for September 2023

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