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Chrome(VI)-free passivation

Certified SurTec 650 Coater

Following an intensive and successful process line audit, Jochen Holder and Christof Waibel received the certificate as “approved SurTec 650 coater” for the Holder GmbH Surface Technology from Dr. Torsten Koerner and Andre Quester from SurTec in September.

This provides your end customers and OEMs with a guideline that allows them to adapt their requirements to the capabilities of the supplier.

The chrome(VI)-free passivation SurTec 650 offers:

  • Optimal bright corrosion protection
  • Improved corrosion protection as post-treatment for anodized layers
  • Infiltration protection for seals
  • Primer for downstream processes such as gluing, painting or powder coating

SurTec 650 can be used with nearly all aluminium alloys.

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