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Intercrystalline corrosion with inadequate corrosion protection.

Innovative procedures enable to use Aluminium also in areas that were dominated by high-strength steels. One example for an application is the b-pillar in cars. This pillar is highly stressed in case of a side-collision. The utilization of 7000s-alloys permits high-rigid and weightoptimized solutions. However, 7000s-alloys are particularly vulnerable to inter crystalline corrosion that significantly weakens material and mechanical strength. Jointly with suppliers and OEM, HOLDER developed a special anodzing-procedure for aluminium that reliably prevents intercrystalline corrosion and, additionally, protects surfaces coated with KTL against infiltration and therefore paint delamination. Tests and trials for the application in series production are already ongoing. The procedure Novatec 7000, developed by HOLDER, can be applied in industrial fully automated procedures from January 2015.[/fusion_text][/one_full]