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Holder receives subsidies from the Federal Ministry of the Environment

Within the auspices of the investment project, Holder GmbH Oberflächentechnik would like to deploy the highly innovative Alupass2020 process for the first time in large-scale plant work. The aim is to leverage an innovative and environmentally friendly process to clean and passivate previously unsealed product window sizes for aluminium components. This process was developed in-house, has a protected name and combines new technologies with previously unachieved process parameters. Alupass2020 sets out new standards, particularly containing the implemented functionalities, as well as the resource efficiency and environmental initiatives achieved in the field of aluminium treatment.

Amid increasing electrification of drive trains in the automotive industry and the fundamental challenge of minimizing CO2 emissions, lightweight structural construction vehicles are becoming increasingly important. The Alupass2020 process has become a key component, in terms of the aluminium deployed and increasingly important, in a manner that maximised resource conservation and environmental friendliness. Based on current calculations, implementing this method compared with the very latest means that the fresh water requirement can be reduced by 12,700 m³ annually, the use of chemicals by 19,500 kilograms and the energy requirement by approx. 3,000,000 kilowatt hours, which corresponds to a CO2 equivalence of 770 tons, although this can be reduced. These environmental gains are contingent on combining novel technologies in the interplay alongside precisely defined process parameters, innovative surfactants and optimised concentration as well as a purposeful introduction of process water circuits.

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