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Harder. Smoother. More resistant.

Novatec 850 GL

Harder. Smoother. More resistant.

Aluminium components finished with Novatec 850 GL have a significantly lower roughness than ‘only’ hard anodised components. Depending on the base material used, average roughness specifications of 0.1-0.2 µm are possible.

Further advantages of a Novatec 850 GL coating include alloy-dependent layer hardnesses of approx. 400 to over 550 HV 0.025 and a corrosion resistance of over 2,000 h (according to DIN EN ISO 9227).

The high corrosion protection is also provided without sealing, which has a cost-reducing effect especially on serial parts. In addition, the exceptionally good tribological behavior ensures significantly minimized wear.

The anodic oxidation process with temperature-reduced acid electrolytes only changes the thickness of the entire layer of a workpiece by approx. 30%.
As a result, the Novatec 850 GL coating is preferred by many design engineers who attach great importance to dimension tolerances.

The already very good tribological behavior of Novatec 850GL can be further enhanced by suitable aftertreatment , such as impregnation with PTFE.
Novatec 850GL is therefore the recommended coating for aluminium components whenever superior tribological properties and ideal corrosion protection are required.

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